About us

Our team have a clear and compelling vision at The Concept.

The Concept Sports Development Centre strives to be the FIRST CHOICE for customers in the health and fitness industry. The Concept’s culture is based on Best Practice and is achieved by our Team Members commitment to the Pursuit of Excellence in Everything we do? Our Staff and service partners focus is on both uncompromising service and quality facilities, culminating in the Ultimate Customer Satisfaction in pursuing and attaining their goals!

The Concepts team motivation and drive is for our valued clients to ACHIEVE Beyond Expectations. A key ingredient to achieving our goal is every member of the Concept Team must be absolutely passionate about what we do. Our team is motivated to seek out new answers, to be creative and challenge the status quo. This helps deliver learning, growth and better outcomes for all. A passion for what you do creates a Positive Energy which is infectious. This Energy is used to fuel the consistent hard work and discipline, essential ingredients to achieving everyone’s goals. Our team ¬†are eager to explore new approaches in planning and execution and service delivery.

Culminating in an ENVIRONMENT that’s positive, uplifting, supportive and driving all of us to Do Better and Be Better and ultimately Accountable to ourselves and each other. Accountability and measured performance allows us to accurately monitor progress, your own, your teams, and the Concepts teams service delivery also. All forms of success are based on RESULTS, NOT EXCUSES…

YOUR SOLUTION, make the commitment we have, to a NEW CONCEPT, to reaching your lifestyle, health and sporting goals. All journeys take time and most of all COMMITMENT. Our Concept Team urge you to take the time and make a commitment to a partners in supporting your journey and in turn we will focus on what matters to you, achieving and reaching your goals!