Embrace is our all female challenge group. More than just a class this is its own community of empowered women on a journey to be the best version of themselves.


Concept Fit (CF) classes are total body Strength and Conditioning workouts which aim to maximise your fitness by incorporating Strength, skill and aerobic conditioning workouts.


Whether you are a local professional or amateur club, a representative team or school team looking to improve strength, agility or overall performance, The Concept has team sports training facilities available for you.


Boxing is a highly aerobic sport, characterised by multiple high intensity burst of activity, though short in duration. It requires high levels of endurance and therefore, conditioning is just as important a part of training as is the boxer’s ability and skill.
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Our team have a clear and compelling vision at The Concept.

The Concept Sports Development Centre strives to be the FIRST CHOICE for customers in the health and fitness industry. The Concept’s culture is based on Best Practice and is achieved by our Team Members commitment to the Pursuit of Excellence in Everything we do? Our Staff and service partners focus is on both uncompromising service and quality facilities, culminating in the Ultimate Customer Satisfaction in pursuing and attaining their goals!


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